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Mount Fair

Mount Fair, Spring House, Crozet, Albemarle Co (38.164846, -78.677555)

Felling Dates:  Summer/autumn 1799 and Winter 1799/1800

Twelve samples were taken from eight timbers from the logs comprising the walls of the spring house, the roof having been replaced more recently. Four timbers were sampled twice in an effort to obtain bark edge. These were combined to form the same-timber means hqf162, hqf164, hqf165, and hqf168.

A number of core samples fractured and were treated as individual sequences. All of the timbers were of southern yellow pine. All but two of the timbers dated, and were combined with the pine samples from the Smoke House to construct a 141-year site master HQFx9, spanning the years 1695-1835. This matched well with the other pine chronology from the main house, as well as other Virginian pine chronologies.

Of the dated timbers, three retained bark edge, one (hqf166) being felled in the summer/autumn of 1799, and the other two (hqf165 and hqf168) were found to be felled during the winter of 1799/1800. One other timber (hqf162), whilst it did not retain bark edge, was found to have been originated from the same parent tree as one which did have bark (hqf165), therefore it too could be ascribed a winter 1799/1800 felling date. A further log (hqf163) had complete sapwood, of which the outer 15 years became detached, with an unknown number of rings lost at the interface, giving a felling date period shortly after 1792, and most likely coeval with the 1799/1800 felling date of the other precisely-dated timbers. The other logs without bark edge produced last measured ring dates ranging from 1777 to 1794 and are clearly contemporary with the other timbers from this structure. This good clustering of felling dates would suggest that this building was constructed during 1800.

Miles, D W H and Worthington, M J, 2008 ‘The Tree-Ring Dating of Headquarters Farm Smokehouse, Brightberry Farmhouse, Walnut Level, and Mount Fair House and outbuildings, all in Browns Cove, Crozet, Albemarle County, Virginia’ unpubl ODL archive report 2008/39




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