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Cloverfields, Wye Mills, Maryland((38.947331, -76.104329)

Primary Phase Felling Dates: Summer 1703 Winter 1703/4 Winter 1704/5

Secondary Phase Felling Dates: Summer 1728 Winter 1728/9

Dorma Windows Felling Dates: Winter 1703/4

Cat Slide Roof Felling Dates: Winter 1760/1

Kitchen Felling Dates: Summer 1783 Winter 1783/4

Hyphen Felling Dates: Undated

Main Staircase Felling Dates: After 1696

Partition Walls Felling Dates: Undated

Board Blocking doorway north room (RM102) Felling Dates: Winter 1767/8

Panelling room 102 Felling Dates: Undated

Raising of second phase Felling Dates: Undated

Site Master 1526-1728 (white oak) CFMDx1 (t = 10.38 MDOAK; 8.31 CCCS5; 7.95 ces4). Site Master 1656-1760 (pine) CFMDx40 (t = 6.81 cchms; 6.31 PHS5; 6.09 MELx1). Same-tree Master 1676-1766 (tulip poplar) cfmd50260 (t = 7.93 PHS5; 6.37 cchms6; 6.31 MELx1). Site Master 1701-1783 (tulip poplar) CFMDx50 (t = 7.79 WCMDx1; 7.35 exchange; 6.00 RCBC3). Individual sample 1694-1767 (pine) cfmd101 (t = 5.27 ptms; swvz2 4.89; 4.74 SJC).

Cloverfields started out as a a two-story, hall-and-parlor house with a rear stair tower which was expanded and modernized over a period of two hundred years.

Dendrochronological analysis has been able to date a number of the key construction phases.

Worthington, M J and Seiter, J I 2018 “The Tree-Ring Dating of Cloverfields, Wye Mills, Maryland” unpublished Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory archive report 2018/09




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