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Shafer Farmstead

245 Chestnut Street, Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania (40.070869, -76.705880)

Felling Date: Primary HouseSpring 1773

Site Master 1658-1772 (white oak) CSPAx1 (t = 6.85 FUGx1; 6.42 DRNx2; 6.06 DRNx5

245 Chestnut Street is a two-story stone structure originally with an off-center chimney (now removed) and a three-room German plan. One interesting feature of the house is the heavy board ceiling, which consists of two summer beams supporting 5-inch-thick planks with stone-and-mortar chinking, a Germanic construction tradition called paling.

Dendrochronological analysis has shown that the south summer beam was felled in the spring of 1773, suggesting that the building was constructed at this time or shortly thereafter.

Worthington and Seiter 2020 The Tree-Ring Dating of 245 Chestnut Street, Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania Tree-Ring Laboratory 2020/10.




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