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Joseph Fiery Homeplace

Joseph Fiery Homeplace, Clear Spring, Maryland (39.702086, -77.846803)


(a) Primary House Felling dates: Winter 1767/8, Winter 1768/9

(a) Principal rafters (4/4) 1713, 1751, 1758, 1768 (C); Collar (0/1); Ceiling joists (4/5) 1767 (C), 1768 (C). Site Master 1591-1768 FYMDx1 (t =11.55 DC-AREA2; 10.76 MKF; 10.49 FDSMx11).

The Joseph Fiery Homeplace was sampled as part of a dendrochronological project funded by the Maryland Historical Trust targeting Germanic buildings in Maryland. The Joseph Fiery Homeplace is a two-story, three-bay limestone dwelling with a one-and-a-half story log addition. The interior of the house retains its original layout of three rooms with a central chimney, known as a Flurküchenhaus or entry-kitchen house plan, a building style that was introduced to western Maryland by German immigrants.

Dendrochronological analysis has shown that the original structure was built from timbers felled in the winter of 1767/8 and the winter of 1768/9.

Worthington, M J, and Seiter, J I, 2014 “The Tree-Ring Dating of the Joseph Fiery Homeplace, Clear Spring, Washington County, Maryland”, ODL unpubl rep 2014/01.




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