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Pawling Farmhouse

Pawling Farmhouse, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania (40.109303, -75.458546)

Primary House Felling Date: Summer 1760, Spring 1760, Summer 1759, Spring 1757, Winter 1756/7

Attic Felling Date: Winter 1796/7

Site Master 1612-1796 (white oak) PWPAx1 (t = 8.73 eapenn; 8.49 whws4; 7.57 FORES).

The Pawling Farmhouse is a large stone residence located within the boundaries of the Valley Forge National Historical Park. It was originally part of the Walnut Hill estate owned first by the Pawling family and then by the Wetherill family. Over its lifetime it has had a large number of additions and partial demolitions.

Dendrochronological analysis has shown that the primary house was constructed from timbers felled over a span of several years stretching from the winter of 1756/7 through to the summer of 1760, while the attic was constructed from timbers felled in the winter of 1796/7.

Worthington, M J and Seiter, J I 2023 "The Tree-Ring Dating of Pawling Farmhouse, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania", unpublished Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory archive report 2023/01




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