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Stagg Hall

Stagg Hall, 8450 Commerce Street, Port Tobacco, Maryland (38.511754, -77.019555)

Main House Felling Date: Winter 1766/7

Crossbeams (2/2) 1766 (C), 1757; Joist (0/0); Bottom plate (0/1); Rafters (0/8). Site Master 1541-1766 (oak) STAGx1 (t = 8.44 MDZ7; 7.83 SAVS1; 7.46 MTVx4).

Stagg Hall is a one-story, gambrel-roofed frame dwelling over a full cellar. The original structure is a five-bay building, with an east wing addition connected by a small hyphen. A dendrochronological study was undertaken on the building in October 2015. Two of the timbers that were sampled were successfully dated, with one timber containing complete sapwood that provided a felling date of the winter of 1766/7.

Worthington and Seiter 2015 The Tree-Ring Dating of Stagg Hall, Port Tobacco, Maryland . Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory 2015/18.




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