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Angel-Ditzel Barn

Angel-Ditzel Barn, Milford, New Jersey (40.58344, -75.15370)

Felling dates: Winter 1824/5, Spring 1825

Ceiling joists (5/6) 1824 (¼C, C); Posts (2/3) 1811 + 11nm, 1824 (¼C); Rail (0/1). Site Master 1667-1824 ADNJx1 (t =8.71 FORES; 8.31 EAPANN; 7.94 MD2011).

The Angel-Ditzel barn is a 50’ x 30’ Pennsylvania forebay bank barn incorporating the lighter German system of framing, with four bents framed with full-width tie beams and intermediate posts. Dendrochronological analysis has shown that the original structure was built from trees felled in the winter of 1824/5 through to the spring of 1825, suggesting a construction date of the spring of 1825 or shortly thereafter.

Worthington, M J and Seiter, J I 2013 “The Tree-Ring Dating of the Angel-Ditzel Barn, Milford, New Jersey," unpublished Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory archive report 2013/16

This project was commissioned by Larry LaFevre and Carla Cielo of the Holland Township Historic Preservation Commission and funded by the New Jersey Historical Commission (NJHC Minigrant 2013) and the Holland Township Committee.

A copy of the dendrochronological report for this building can be found here.

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