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Apgar Barn

Apgar Barn, Milford, New Jersey (40.589708, -75.060286)

(a) Reused Timbers from ground barn Felling Dates: Winter 1808/9, Spring 1809

(b) Pennsylvania forebay barn Felling dates: Undated

(a) Tie beams (3/3) 1808 (¼C, C); Swing Beam (1/1) 1808 (¼C); Studs (0/2). (b) Joists (0/5). Site Master 1619-1808 APGNJx1 (t =11.76 HOLL2; 9.87 RCNJx1; 9.78 SVNJx1).

The Apgar Barn is a mid-size Standard Pennsylvania forebay barn with a symmetrical roofline when viewed from the gable end. It incorporates the frame of an earlier ground barn, which was apparently dismantled, moved from its original foundation, and reassembled on the present raised foundation. The reconstructed form features a forebay on the south side, a new purlin support system, and longer rafters. The inscription reading “A. APGAR 1883" that is found on the barn possibly records the date of this reconstruction.

The dendrochronological analysis shows that the original ground barn was built in the spring of 1809 or shortly thereafter. The date of the timbers used to construct the later Pennsylvania forebay barn could not be determined with the samples taken. It is recommended that more samples be taken from the forebay barn to allow a greater chance of finding the date of reconstruction.

Worthington, M J and Seiter, J I 2014 “The Tree-Ring Dating of the Apgar Barn, Milford, New Jersey (HT 63)" unpublished Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory archive report 2014/19




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