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Ben Lomond

Cabin, Ben Lomond, Manassas, Prince William Co. VA (38. 048767, -77.600215)

Felling Dates: Winter 1833/4 and Spring 1834

Floor joists 1833(14¼C, 14C2), 1827(5), 1793, Rafters (3/4) 1833(9C, 12C), 1822(2). Site Master 1735-1833 BLV (oak) (t = 7.9 VA2008x; 7.9 ARC; 7.5 HQFx2; 6.5 WATCH).

This one-story stone building, with a garret, originally consisted of two rooms on the first floor, each with an end chimney, and divided by a wooden partition. Each room is accessed directly from the outside via doorways placed on the east facade. A short door located in the north gable provided exterior access to the garret. Originally constructed circa 1834, the building was moved about 1979 from one side of the main house to its current location on the other side.

Miles, D W H and Worthington, M J, 2009 ‘The Tree-Ring Dating of Eight Virginia Slave Buildings’, unpublished ODL archive report 2009/05.




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