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Cory Cornell House

Cory Cornell House, 212 Cornell Road, Westport, Bristol County, Massachusetts (41.78809, -71.111893)

Primary Phase Felling Dates: Spring 1777, Winter 1777/8, and Spring 1778

Principal posts 1777(C, ¼C); Girts 1777(C); Tiebeam 1777(¼C). Site Master 1666-1777 CCH (t = 7.8 SEMASS1; 5.5 ggh4; 5.0 NPC; 4.2 phd-2).

TThe Cory/ Cornell farm is of significant importance in the development of Westport, Massachusetts. It is the homestead of two important families, the Cory family who first purchased, owned and established the farm and the Cornells who added the Greek Revival wing in about 1842. The house is dramatically sited on a hill approached from Cornell Road by an impressive driveway. The house and fields are surrounded by original stone wall. The site also contains its original well, a lye leaching stone and in the cellar under the Greek Revival addition is a 16-foot circular cistern.

Preliminary research indicates that this grandson, Thomas Cory, built or had built the original Georgian core of the property around 1780 or possibly slightly earlier. By June 20, 1796 when Cory made his will, parts of the house are described. The farm was left to his son, William Cory, with rights left to his daughter, Elizabeth.

The property largely retains a portion of its original acreage including the circa 1840 barn. The property was historically used for farming purposes and retains that use presently for livestock pasturage. The house is structurally intact and its architectural archaeological and social history are important resources in documenting the development of not only Westport but of Southeastern Massachusetts. The property meets Criteria C) embodiment of distinctive characteristics of a type, period or method of construction.. and D) likelihood of yielding information significant to history for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory Unpublished Report 2006/43




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