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Crabtree Jones House

Crabtree Jones House, Raleigh, North Carolina (35.822356, -78.624228)

(a) Main House Felling Dates: Winter 1807/8, Winter 1808/9

(b) Back Block Felling Date: Undated

(c) Stair Block Felling Date: Summer 1811

(a) Crossbeam (0/1); Joists (1/2) 1796 (h/w only); Trimmer (1/1) 1808 (C); Short joist (1/1) 1804 (h/w only); Rafters (3/4) 1808 (C), 1807 (C), 1739 (h/w only); Stud (1/1) 1807 (C). (b) Joists (0/3); Bottom plates (0/2). (c) Joists (1/2) 1810 (½C); Bottom plates (0/3); Rafters (0/6); Stud (0/1). Site Master 1642-1810 CRABx1 (t =7.18 HOPEMILL; 7.17 JLRx1; 6.32 WRDx3). Site Master CRABx2 undated.

The Crabtree Jones House is a two-story Federal house with two one-story wings and a stair tower on the back. A back block that was built as a free-standing frame building has now been incorporated into the rear of the main house. The house was originally part of a large plantation complex, but was moved to a new location in February 2014 due to development pressures.

Dendrochronological analysis has revealed that the timbers used to construct the main house were felled in the winter of 1807/9 and the winter of 1808/9. A roof joist from the stair block provided a felling date of the summer of 1811. Recent architectural studies have failed to locate a previous set of stairs within the main house, suggesting that the stair block is original to the main house. Dendrochronological analysis was unable to provide a date for the timbers used to construct the back block.

Worthington, M J and Seiter, J I 2015 The Tree-Ring Dating of the Crabtree Jones House, Raleigh, North Carolina, unpublished Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory archive report 2015/03.




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