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Dallis-Glaze House

Dallis-Glaze House, Lincolnton, Georgia (33.807246, -82.498179)

Primary Phase of House         Felling Dates: Summer 1805, Winter 1806/7, Spring 1807

Site Master 1729-1806 DGLx1 (dates as part of area master Georgia1).

It is not exactly clear when the Dallis family acquired the land on which the Dallis-Glaze House now stands, but a date for the original house has been assumed as the 1790s. It was located not far from the Cullars-Beggs House. A cemetery for the Glaze family sits close to the house, the earliest grave in which that can be identified is 1834. The first phase of the present house, consisting of the first floor of the front block behind the porch (here dated as 1806-07), is a one-story, log, hall-parlor/chamber structure with stone end chimneys. The logs of the walls, as well as the floor and ceiling joists of this structure are hand hewn and joined at the corners with half dovetailed joints. The logs were exposed on the exterior; in the hall wood panelling was applied to them inside; in the parlor or chamber the logs were chinked and originally whitewashed inside. The floor and ceiling boards are apparently original. The window and door casing moldings in this section have a simple Federal period ovolo profile. The floor boards are attached with wrought nails. Doors are board-and-batten, with HL strap hinges. All these features suggest an early date.

A second, still early, phase of construction added the second floor, braced framed over the log first; and a third, also still early, phase added the full width first story front porch along with the two framed rooms and squeezed central porch on the second story. Presumably at phase two the present clapboards were added to the exterior to hide the different wall constructions. The present rear additions are much later but may have replaced earlier ones. (Mark Reinberger)

Worthington, M J and Seiter, J I 2018 “The Tree-Ring Dating of Ten Vernacular Buildings in Northeastern Georgia”, unpublished Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory archive report 2018/05




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