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South Carolina

Drayton Hall

Drayton Hall, Charleston, South Carolina (32.87095, -80.07627)

(a) Main House Felling Dates: Spring 1747, Winter 1747/8

(a) Packer (1/1) 1712; Rafter (4/8) 1743, 1747; Ceiling joist (3/9) 1746, 1747 (¼ C, C); Ex-situ timber (1/2) 1698; Summer beam (0/2); Stud (0/5); Wallplate (0/1). Site Master 1612-1747 (pine) DRAYx1 (t = 6.07 VAPINE2B; 5.29 TUVA; 5.11 GA003)

Drayton Hall is one of the finest surviving plantation houses in America. The main house is a double-pile, seven-bay structure of two stories on top of a raised basement with a double projecting portico on the west facade.

Worthington and Seiter 2012 The Tree-Ring Dating of Drayton Hall, Charleston, South Carolina. Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory 2012/06.




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