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Burnham Davis House

Burnham Davis House, 2109 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia (37.533476, -77.422139)

(a) Rear Wing Felling date: Winter 1859/60

(b) Main Block Felling date: Undated

(a) Joist (1/2) 1859 (C); Trimmer (0/1); Stud (0/1); Rafter (0/4)(b) Joist (0/5); Rafter (0/1); Offcut (0/1).

The Burnham Davis House is located in the St. John's Historic District in Richmond, Virginia. The house is composed of a two-story main block with an attached single-story rear wing. The main block is a Greek Revival frame residence with a hipped roof and a single-bay portico with square columns. The rear wing, which measures approximately 12 x 24 feet, has a two-room plan with a central chimney stack. Dendrochronological analysis has shown that a single timber used in the construction of the rear wing was felled in the winter of 1859/60. The main block remains undated.

Worthington, M J and Seiter, J I 2012 The Tree-Ring Dating of Burnham Davis House, Richmond, Virginia, unpublished Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory archive report 2012/10




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