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Friendship Farm

Friendship Farm, Thurmont, Maryland (39.564131, -77.381655)

(a) Log House Felling dates: Spring 1794, Winter 1794/5 and Spring 1795

((b) Historic Barn Felling dates: Summer 1856, Winter 1856/7

(a) Logs (9/9) 1793 (¼ C), 1794 (C, ¼C). (b) Bottom plate (1/1) 1855 (½C); Summer beam (1/1) 1856 (C). Site Master 1610-1856 FDSMx1 (t = 10.91 DC-AREA2; 10.65 ALLENS; 9.97 MD2011). Single dated sample 1776-1855 fdsm11 (t = 6.57 DC-AREA; 5.84 MD2011; 5.63 NJ002).

A large two-story log house and a stone barn located at Friendship Farm in Thurmont, Maryland, were assessed for their potential for dendrochronology. Both were successfully dated, the house giving precise felling dates of the spring of 1794 through to the spring of 1795 and the barn giving precise felling dates of the summer of 1856 and the winter of 1856/7. It is probable that the structures were constructed at the time of or shortly after the latest felling date in each case, namely the spring of 1795 for the house and the winter of 1856/7 for the barn.

Worthington, M J and Seiter, J I 2013 “The Tree-Ring Dating of the Log House and Historic Barn at Friendship Farm, Thurmont, Maryland” unpublished Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory archive report 2013/03




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