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Fenner House

Fenner House, New Bern, North Carolina (35.106190, -77.041872)

Fenner House Felling Dates: Summer 1789, Winter 1789/90

Joists (2/4) 1789 (C), 1788 (½C); Posts (0/3). Same-timber mean 1557-1789 FENN12 (t =7.91 LVNx1; 6.21 NWS2; 6.14 ATHx1).

The Fenner House is a four-bay, two-story, Georgian-style framed building built over a brick cellar. The house originally included a center chimney stack, which is now being rebuilt during the present owner’s restoration.

Dendrochronological analysis has shown that the timbers used to build the original structure were felled in the summer of 1789 and the winter of 1789/90, suggesting that the primary phase of the house was constructed in the winter of 1789/90 or shortly thereafter.

Worthington and Seiter 2014 The Tree-Ring Dating of the Fenner House, New Bern, North Carolina. Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory 2014/05.




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