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Four Square Plantation

Slave Quarters, Four Square Plantation, Isle of Wight Co, VA (36.96426, -76.6892)

(a) South (right-hand) cabin Felling date: Winter 1788/9

(b) North (left-hand) cabin Felling date:Winter 1829/30

(a) Corner posts 1788C; Door posts (1/2) 1788(C); Ceiling joists (1/2) 1783; Rafter (0/1); Wall-plate (0/1). (b) Corner posts (0/3); Ceiling joist (0/1); Floor joists 1829(C), 1786; Brace (0/1). Site Masters (a) 1576-1788 FSQx1 (pine) (t = 5.3 SJC; 4.8 WVVAP; 4.8 LVNx1; 4.6 fct1); (b) 1728-1829 FSQx2 (pine) (t = 6.9 VA021; 6.6 BAC; 6.0 LGN).

This slave quarter is comprised of two framed single-celled cabins with garrets supported on brick piers. The southern cabin is as constructed, incorporating some timbers felled in 1788/9, although these may have been reused from a previous building as the present structure was thought to have been constructed circa 1810, shortly after the main plantation house was built. The north cabin was constructed from timbers felled in 1829/30, and was subsequently moved and attached to the existing southern cabin.

Miles, D W H and Worthington, M J, 2009 ‘The Tree-Ring Dating of Eight Virginia Slave Buildings’, unpublished ODL archive report 2009/05.




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