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The Hoggatt House, Guilford County, North Carolina, (now at High Point Museum) (35.979595, -79.992115)

(a) Primary Phase (South end), Felling dates: Winter 1798/9, Summer 1799, Winter 1799/1800, Summer 1800, and Winter 1800/1801

(b) Second phase North end) Felling dates:Summer 1823, and Winter 1823/24

(a) Logs (11/12) 1800(29C, 31C, 36C, 38C), 1799(37C, 45½C2), 1798(24½C, 30½C,), 1771(3), 1762(H/S); (b) Logs (2/7) 1823(27C), 1822(35½C).

Armfield House (Demolished), Bull Run Creek Guilford County, North Carolina, (now at High Point Museum) (35.979595, -79.992115)

Felling dates: Winter 1821/2, Summer 1822, and Winter 1822/3

Logs (re-used in repair of Hoggatt House during 1973) 1822(28C), 1821(25½C, 38C). All included in Site Master 1593-1823 HMHx1 (t = 5.8 HMHx2; 5.0 HOS; 4.6 NC008; 4.5 VA025; 4.4 PA012)

Blacksmith Shop, Hartman Road, Davidson, North Carolina, (now at High Point Museum)(35.979595, -79.992115)

Re-erected at High Point Museum 1970 Felling dates: Spring 1841

Logs (7/9) 1840(11¼C, 12¼C, 16¼C, 19¼C3), 1834(4).. Site Master 1744-1840 HMHx2 (t = 12.6 HOS; 8.4 VA009; 7.2 WATCH2; 6.8 VA017; 6.6 VA016)

The Hoggatt House comprises two phases, the earliest of which is the left-hand (southern) end which probably commenced construction during 1801. This was later extended to the right (north) in or shortly after 1824. The house originally stood on the corner of Rotary Drive and Phillips Avenue where Green Street Baptist Church now stands. The original owner of the land was Phillip Hoggatt, and was recorded in 1755 in Rowan County. The family owned the land until 1868. In 1973 the house was given to the High Point Museum and was moved to the present site. At the same time, the Armfield House in Bull Run Creek was demolished and some of its timbers were used to replace rotten or missing logs in the Hoggatt House. These replacement timbers were identified through photographs taken at the time of the move in 1973 and have been dated to between 1821 and 1822/3, which somewhat complicates the interpretation of the second phase of the Hoggatt House. The Blacksmith Shop was moved from Hartman Road in Davidson County to High Point Museum during November 1970. Dendro analysis has produced consistent felling dates of spring 1841, suggesting that it would have been constructed during the summer and autumn of 1841. Both structures are of log construction.

Miles, D H, and Worthington, M J, 2006 “ The Tree-Ring Dating of the Hoggatt House, Blacksmith Shop, and the Armfield House, re-erected at the High Point Museum, High Point, North Carolina ”, ODL unpubl rep 2006/48

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