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Headquarters Farm

Headquarters Farm, Crozet, Albemarle Co; VA (38.208617; -78.677095)

(a) West wing cellar ceiling timbers Felling dates: Winter 1836/7 and Spring 1837

(b) West wing roof timbers Felling dates: Spring 1837

(c) East brick-built wing roof timbers Felling dates: Winter 1836/7

(a) Sill beams (2/3) 1836(24¼C, 22¼C); Floor joists 1836(28C, 2¼C, 1778). (b) Ceiling joists/collars 1836(4¼C, 1¼C3, 1730); Rafters (3/4) 1836(7¼C, 1755, 1732). (c) Collars 1836(19C, 16C, 10C, 5C), 1810; Rafters 1836(18C, 17C, 1C), 1832(9), 1802. bSite Master 1630-1836 HQFx1 (t = 11.8 WATCH; 8.0 VA009; 7.2 VA016).

Ex situ timbers from Yates Schoolhouse

Felling date range: Shortly after 1815 Sill beams 1815, 1812, 1778; logs 1810, 1791.

Site Master 1643-1815 HQFx2 (t = 12.5 WATCH; 8.7 ALLENS; 8.6 PIEDMONT).

Hale Cabin Felling dates: Winter 1828/9 and early spring 1829

Joists 1828(14¼C, 8C), 1794, 1783; Rafters 1828(20¼C2). Site Master 1690-1828 HQFx3 (t = 8.0 WATCH; 6.8 VA016; 6.2 PIEDMONT).

Hay House Felling dates: Winter 1870/71, summer 1872, and winter 1872/3

Logs 1872(17C, 14C, 13C2, 12C), 1871(19½C, 15½C, 10½C, 1½C), 1870(13C). Site Master 1715-1872 HQFx4 (t = 8.4 WATCH; 7.2 VA016; 7.1 PIEDMONT).

Rubush Hunting Cabin Felling dates: Winter 1850/51 and winter 1851/2

Rubush Hunting Cabin Felling dates: Winter 1850/51 and winter 1851/2 Logs 1851(14C, 13C), 1850(30C, 21C, 18C), 1849(10), 1841(4 + 8 NM), 1840(H/S), 1839(H/S2). Site Master 1661-1851 HQFx5 (t = 8.4 WATCH; 7.2 VA016; 7.1 PIEDMONT).

Three phases of construction from the main house at Headquarters Farm dated to between winter 1836/7 and spring 1837, suggesting that the brick-built east section was constructed first, followed immediately by the western timber-framed section. Five ex situ timbers from the demolished Yates Schoolhouse dated to shortly after 1815, while the Hale Cabin dated to the early spring of 1829. The Rubush Hunting Cabin dated to the winter of 1851/2, and the Hay House dated to the winter of 1872/3. It is likely that construction followed immediately the latest felling dates.

Miles, D W H and Worthington, M J, 2008 ‘The Tree-Ring Dating of Headquarters Farm, Yates Schoolhouse, the Hale Cabin, the Hay House, and the Rubush Hunting Cabin, Crozet, Albemarle County, Virginia’, unpubl ODL archive report 2006/05




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