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Smokehouse Headquarters Farm

Smokehouse Headquarters Farm, Crozet, Albemarle Co; VA (38º 20856N; 78º 67745W)

Felling dates: Summer 1810, Spring 1811, Winter 1811/12, and Spring 1812

Braces 1810(¼C3), 1809(16½C); Corner posts 1811(14¼C), 1810(14¼C); Stud 1811(18C). Site Master 1648-1811 (oak) HQFx6 (t = 7.4 HQFx3; 6.8 HMHx2; 5.4 HQFx10).

Ten samples were taken from seven timbers, all of which retained some complete sapwood. All samples dated, giving a good range of precise felling dates. These ranged from as early as the summer of 1810 to the spring of 1812. Given the clustering of dates during the spring of 1811 and the winter of 1811/12, construction of this building is most likely to have commenced during 1812, using some trees previously felled, possibly for the purpose. The timbers were all combined to form the 164-year site master HQFx6, spanning the years 1648-1811. All timbers sampled were of slow-grown oak and matched very well with the Headquarters master chronologies.

Miles, D W H and Worthington, M J 2008 “The Tree-Ring Dating of Headquarters Farm Smokehouse, Brightberry Farmhouse, Walnut Level, and Mount Fair House and outbuildings, all in Browns Cove, Crozet, Albemarle County, Virginia,” unpublished laboratory archive report 2008/39




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