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Hitt Cabin

Hitt Cabin, Fauquier County, Virginia (38.720429, -78.004578)

Primary Cabin Felling Date: Summer 1800

Site Master 1675-1799 (yellow pine) HTVAx1 (t = 5.58 WATVA; 5.48 LGS7; 5.40 BLV).

Hitt Cabin is a two-room log cabin with accommodation in the attic, it has two exterior stone end chimneys. The interior is finished with timber panelling, but the building was in very bad condition at the time of sampling, with one complete wall missing.

Dendrochronological analysis has shown that the building was constructed from timbers felled in the summer of 1800.

Worthington, M J and Seiter, J I 2018 “The Tree-Ring Dating of Hitt Cabin, Fauquier County, Virginia”, unpublished Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory archive report 2018/11




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