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Hammerstone Barn

Meadow Farm, New Kent, Virginia (37.523771, -77.048147)

(a) West Wing Felling Dates: Winter 1817/18, Winter 1816/17

(b) East Wing Felling Dates: Spring 1803

Site Master 1658-1817 MFVAx1 (t = 9.98 PIEDMO; 9.63 MDZ8; 8.71 MONTP).

Meadow Farm is a one-and-a-half story domestic dwelling formed from two perpendicular phases of building, an east wing and a west wing. Dendrochronological analysis has shown that the east wing was built from timbers felled in the spring of 1803 while the west wing was built from timbers felled in the winter of 1816/17 and the winter of 1817/18.

Worthington and Seiter 2017 The Tree-Ring Dating of Meadow Farm, New Kent, Virginia Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory 2017/03.




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