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Meadow Garden

Meadow Garden, Augusta, Georgia (33.473765, -81.979765)

Primary Phase of House        Felling Dates: Winter 1792/3, Summer 1792, Spring 1776

Possible Repair Phase        Felling Dates: Winter 1814/15

Secondary Phase of House        Felling Dates: Winter 1834/5

Site Master 1714-1834 (yellow pine) MGGAx1 (t = 6.33 WEYM; 6.18 NC17x; 5.70 NC19). Site Master 1594-1814 (yellow pine) MGGAx2 (t = 9.53 ROCKx1; 7.22 GEORGIA1; 5.31 AL003).

Meadow Garden is a "Sand Hills Cottage," a style that evolved in the Summerville area of Augusta known as the "Hill." Originally a modest two-story frame cottage built over a high brick basement, it was later enlarged and converted into a central hall type by a major three-bay extension to the west of the side hall.

Dendrochronological analysis has successfully dated two construction phases and a possible repair phase within the building. Timbers from the primary phase dated to the summer of 1792 and the winter of 1792/3. A single sample from the primary building dated to the winter of 1814/15, possibly suggesting a repair phase, while a reused piece of wood was also found dating to the spring of 1776. Lastly, a date for winter 1834/5 was found for the secondary building phase.

"Worthington, M J and Seiter, J I 2020 “The Tree-Ring Dating of Meadow Garden, Augusta, Georgia (Updated After Extra Sampling),” Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory Report 2020/12"

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