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Bowling Green

Bowling Green, The Old Mansion (38.043977, -77.347307)

(a) Primary phase, Front Range Felling Dates: Winter 1738/9, Spring 1739, Summer 1740, Winter 1739/40, Winter 1740/41, Spring 1741, and Summer 1743

(b) Unprovenanced riven clapboards in west cellar Felling Dates: After 1755

(c) Second Phase - Rear Wing Felling dates: Spring 1790 and Spring 1791

(a) Cellar partition studs (5/6) 1742(10½C), 1740(¼C), 1739(½C2, 11C); Partition sill 1740(24C); Principal rafters (3/6) 1738(½C, C2); Tiebeam (0/1); Common rafter (0/1). (b) Ex situ riven clapboards west cellar 1754(13), 1751(10), 1734. (c) Joists 1790(17¼C, 11¼C, ¼C2), 1789(8¼C), 1770(H/S).

Site Masters (oak) 1570-1790 OMBx1 (t = 9.5 PIEDMONT; 9.4 MONTP; 8.2 WATCH; 8.1 BPR); (pine) 1614-1738 OMBx2 (t = 4.4 VA023; 4.0 PA004; 3.7 EYREHALL; 3.6 VA025)

Link to Historic American Buildings Survey site for this building here

Miles, D H, and Worthington, M J, 20067 “ The Tree-Ring Dating of the Old Mansion, Bowling Green, Virginia”, ODL unpubl rep 2006/52 Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory Interim Report 2008/05




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