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Spring Hill Farm

Slave Quarters, Spring Hill Farm, Culpeper Co. VA (38.048767, -78.600215)

Felling Dates: Winter 1857/8 and Spring 1858

Rafters 1857(C, 15C2, 8C, 13C); Rails 1857(14¼C, 9C); wall plates 1857(13C, 11C); Girt 1853. Site Master 1759-1857 SPR (oak) (t = 8.1 HQFx; 7.8 VA2008x; 7.5 HQFx4; 7.0 HQFx2).

This one story with garret, timber-framed building is oriented north-south and is the more northerly of two surviving slave buildings. It dates to 1858 and has a rear, shed roof addition that likely dates to the antebellum period. The building’s exterior has board and batten vertical siding. Two rooms on the first floor share a central chimney and there are two corresponding unheated rooms in the garret, which also had a central partition of boards and battens, but with no communication between the rooms. Originally the building had separate doorways for each first-floor room on the east façade. Access to the garret was provided by a stair in each room situated against the building’s end walls and toward the western corner of each room.

Miles, D W H and Worthington, M J, 2009 ‘The Tree-Ring Dating of Eight Virginia Slave Buildings’, unpublished ODL archive report 2009/05.




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