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Stubbs Barn

Stubbs Barn, Wheaton Regional Park, Wheaton, Montgomery County, Maryland (Lat 39.05668, Long -77.04218)


(a) Primary structure Felling Dates: Winter 1842/3, Summer 1843, Winter 1843/4

Brace (1/1) 1842 (C); Intermediate post (2/2) 1842 (C), 1842 (½C); Rail (1/3) 1843 (C); Floor joist (2/3) 1842 (½C), 1843 (C); Longitudinal beam (1/1) 1838 (h/w only) Site Master 1657-1843 STUBx1 (t = 9.46 MD2011; 7.83 MCYx3; 7.79 DC-AREA; 7.70 UTCx1 ).

The Stubbs Barn is a three-story, three-bay bank barn that was part of the Shawfield, or Shorefield, farm, in Wheaton, Maryland. Its exterior does not indicate the extent of its impressiveness. It has a dry stack stone foundation and vertical board cladding for its walls. The roof is covered in standing-seam metal. The north-west facing elevation features a door into the stable level next to a window. This paired opening is set within a wall that is partially clad in stone. The middle level of this elevation features a sliding door. There are no other windows on this elevation. The north-east facing elevation features ground-level, small window openings, some with frames and sash intact and others without any interior sash. The interior of the barn reveals a stable level that still contains animal stalls and field equipment. The joists separating the stable level from the remaining two-story barn above are hewn on the bottom, but still feature some round bark. The barn is framed in some of the largest hewn members seen in the county. The bents contain two levels of hewn beams and all vertical and horizontal framing members are pegged together. Original built-in ladders allow for movement between the middle and upper stories of the barn, which are currently open with no floors separating them.

Worthington, M.J. and Seiter, J.I 2013 The Tree-Ring Dating of Stubbs Barn, Wheaton, Montgomery County, Maryland, Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory Report 2011/13




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