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William's Conquest

Williams' Conquest, Kingston; Somerset County (38.071900; 75.761151)


(a) Primary phase
Felling Date: After 1731

Cellar ceiling joists (1/2) 1692 H/W only; Wallplate (1/1) after 1674; Tilted plate (1/1) after 1731; Common rafters (0/11); Fireplace lintels (0/2). Site Master 1575-1731 WCQ (t = 6.19 VA2009; 5.65 WVVAP; 5.67 SJC; 5.39 MONTP).


Williams' Conquest is a 1 1/2-story Flemish bond brick house located on Gales Creek in Somerset County, Maryland. The house rests on a partially excavated basement and has a steeply pitched gable roof covered in wood shingles and a flush chimney on each gable end. The northwest façade faces the creek and features a three-bay elevation with a centrally located door, while the southeast façade is composed of five bays. A c. 1825-1850 frame kitchen and a 1960s utility wing were added onto the southwest gable end of the original structure.

Worthington, M J, and Seiter, J I 2011 ‘The Tree-Ring Dating of Williams' Conquest, Kingston, Somerset County, Maryland ’ , unpublised ODL archive report 2011/5.




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