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20 White Place BROOKLINE, Suffolk Co; Massachusetts (42.332019, -71.119064)

Felling Dates: Winter 1681/2, Spring 1682, Summer/Autumn 1682

Chimney girt 1682(C); Chimney post 1682(12¼C); Corner post 1682(¼C); Summer beam 1681(½C); Stud 1681(23½C); Purlin 1681(11C); Principal rafter 162(C); Rafter 1681(16¼C); Collars 1682(¼C2). Site Master 1533-1682 WPB (t = 9.8 ALC3x; 8.8 JWL; 8.4 ALC14; 8.3 BOSTON02).

The building at 20 White Place was built by Thomas Gardner on another site in Brookline in 1683 or shortly thereafter as a single room plan house with an end chimney and was then, as now, two-and-one-half stories in height. The original oak frame is substantially intact and includes longitudinal summer beams on both floors, gunstocked comer posts and a principal and common rafter roof frame. The major timbers are decorated with chamfers and stops and the frame is relatively heavy in dimensions for its time period. The buildings was moved to its present site ca. 1854 and it was perhaps at that time that the exterior was given its Italianate appearance and an entrance porch and room were added on the left side. There have been several one-story additions to the rear of the building. Alterations to the interior have included rearranging the space on both floors and the insertion of a staircase that necessitated the removal of a section of the summer beam on the first floor. Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory unpublished report 2007/09




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