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Drayton Hall

William Still Cabin, Caroline County, Maryland (38.83316, -75.83554)

Primary Cabin Felling Dates: Spring 1828, Winter 1829/30

(a) Ceiling joists (1/3) 1827 (¼C); Studs (1/2) 1827 (¼C); Post (1/1) 1822 (¼C); Corner post (0/1); Door post (0/1); Floor joist (1/1) 1829 (C). Site Master 1729-1829 WSMDx2 (t =5.94PBMx1; 5.91 ARC; 5.84 DC-AREA). Individual Timber 1754-1822 wsmd3 (t = 5.35 MDOAK; 5.17 MAG30; 4.73 DC-AREA2). Individual Timber 1761-1827 wsmd6 (t = 6.05 RCBC3; 5.74 MDOAK; 5.71 POPMASTER)..

The William Still Cabin is a single-story framed house, with a later addition at one end. The building is in the process of being restored and moved to the Caroline County 4-H Park, where it will become part of the William Still Family Interpretive Center.

Dendrochronological analysis has shown that the original structure was built from trees felled in the spring of 1828 through to the winter of 1829/30. The addition was not sampled as part of this study.

Worthington, M J, and Seiter, I 2013 ‘The Tree-Ring Dating of the William Still Cabin, Caroline County, Maryland’, Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory 2013/15

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